Customer Service

Beta Chemicals’s customer service team will resolve problems themselves or carry a complex problem through to complete customer satisfaction without additional effort from the customer. Beta Chemicals has long been known for on-site, personal service to our customers in the field. The quality of our customer service department reflects our deepest commitment for more than 30 years: exceptional service to our customers.

We provide assistance to achieve your goals for:

  • Increasing Productivity.
  • Improving Profitability.
  • Responding to Customer Needs.
  • Complying with Environmental Regulations.
  • Exceeding Quality Expectations.

We have extensive experience of advising on a wide range of research and development arrangements across many industries. We understand technology and its relationship with intellectual property and will advise upon appropriate intellectual property arrangements. These must deal with the results of the R&D, the pre-existing or parallel-developed technology of the parties to the arrangement, and the intellectual property of third parties that is needed or useful for the R&D or in exploiting the results of it.

We play a key role in industry producing intermediates, specialty chemicals and ingredients that are used to develop a wide range of commercial and consumer products. Thus, Beta Chemicals manufacture products that are key building blocks and ingredients for a range of other production operations.

Specialty chemicals made by Beta Chemicals are formulated to meet the detailed specifications of various end users, and usually have unique purposes. Therefore specialty chemicals are often essential elements in the end-user’s manufacturing process. Both the volumes sought and the demands for particular specialty chemicals vary. Specialty chemical manufacturing is an ever-changing business, often requiring production of small quantities in a timely manner. These needs are often best met by use of batch manufacturing operations. In batch manufacturing, the raw materials, processes, operating conditions, configuration of equipment and end products change on a regular basis. Batch producers must respond quickly to new requests by customers, fill small market niches, and participate in the development of new products. Beta Chemicals are at the cutting edge of new technology and provide products often made nowhere else in the world. The depth and expertise of this industry sector are vital components of industry and contribute significantly to competitiveness.