Welcome to Beta Chemicals
In March 1985, Beta Chemicals was established by Lodewikus Johannes Vorster (snr), Bertha Adriana Vorster and Leon Ettienne Hafer, as a manufacturer of specialty chemicals for aqueous industrial systems.

The company was founded on its abilities to create and manufacture solutions to Industry.

Today, Beta Chemicals works with industry providing advanced chemical treatment technologies and extensive technical service to help solve complex industrial problems.

Our expertise spans a broad range of specialty chemicals including organic lubricants, corrosion inhibitors, dispersants, surfactants, detergents, chemical intermediates and process chemicals, and specialist applications.

Beta Chemicals finished products and raw materials are successfully applied in a number of industries.

Recognizing the challenges industries face in meeting business and customer requirements, Beta Chemicals accepts your
challenges as our own.

“Wherever we look, the work of the chemist has raised the level of our civilization and has increased the productive capacity of our nation.” ― Calvin Coolidge